Nmap Script Engine

Hacking Pentesting

nmap script engine is a powerful feature that allows you to run scripts that can perform various tasks during a scan, such as vulnerability detection, service enumeration, or brute-force attacks.

Here’s an example of how to use the nmap script engine:

nmap --script <script> <target>

The <script> parameter can be the name of a specific script, or a category of scripts. The <target> parameter is the same as in the previous example, and can be an IP address, domain name, or range of IP addresses.

For example, to run all scripts in the “default” category on a target IP address, you would use:

nmap --script=default

If you wanted to run a specific script, such as http-headers.nse, you would use:

nmap --script=http-headers.nse

You can also use the --script-help option to get more information about a specific script or category:

nmap --script-help default

There are many scripts and categories available in nmap, including ones for specific services like HTTP, FTP, or SSH, and ones for specific vulnerabilities like Heartbleed or Shellshock.

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